Grief process

During this time you will most likely experience a series of emotional and physical reactions to the loss of your pet. As with any grieving period there are a few identified phases you may experience:


A sense of void, and emptiness that may reside in you for just a few hours or maybe days. You may experience being disoriented and disorganized.


You may be obsessively and frequently thinking about your lost pet, with the strong sensations of sadness, fear and possibly anger. These feelings may influence your immediate family members and surroundings.

Being disorganized

With the loss of your pet, your daily routine will drastically change and you will be looking for ways to anchor your days. Consciously replace the walks and time you used to spend with your pet by finding new routines and obligations that will fill that void. Be welcoming in the change and allow space and time to adjust to this new lifestyle.

Back to normality

You are adjusting to your new life without your friend, yet his spirit and memory will always be a part of you. You are able to find joy in people and your surroundings.