Our services

Pet Memo offers a variety of quality cremation services for all of your needs regardless of the size and kind of your pet. We will ensure proper care of your pet, be it a gold fish, hamster, cat or any sized dog. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9am-6pm, and on weekend and holidays 9am-2pm.

Deceased pet care

Whether your pet passed away in your home, or at the veterinarian's office, our team will handle the transport of the remains within the shortest possible time frame. Zagreb territory and the surrounding suburbs will be serviced within the 24 hours, and for the rest of the country handle the transport period is longer depending on your location and the time period your pet has passed away. For more informations please contact us via phone or email.

Individual cremation

This service ensures that your pet is cremated individually with special care from our team. If you choose to retrieve the pet ashes, this service guarantees that those are the actual remains of your pet.

Group cremation

With outmost care we will cremate your pet along with 2 others. Unfortunately we will not be able to separate your actual pet remains and return the ashes. But be at peace knowing that all of the pet remains are handled with care and with dignity.

Return of the ashes

If you choose to have the individual cremation, you will be able to receive your pet's ashes so you can say your appropriate goodbyes. Ashes will be returned in our basic urn offering that is included in the cost of individual cremation. Please take a look at our gallery if you wish to purchase a more substantial urn for your pet remains.

Same day cremation

If for some reason you must retrieve your pet's ashes within the same day, this service is available at an additional cost. Same day cremations are not done during the weekends and holidays. Please contact us, so we can arrange time and date of the cremation.


Pet Memo offers highest grade standard services in the field. We are a proud member of the international pet crematorium society IAOPC, which ensures we adhere to the highest quality standards. We follow procedures that have been established over a 100 years ago in the world's biggest pet cremation and cemetery places. Honoring these procedures we guarantee that we will be providing dignified and high quality pet remains care for your birdie to your mastif!