What happens to my pet's remains if i do not use Pet Memo services?

After death or euthanasia, your veterinarian is required to dispose of your pet's remains through the industrial dog pound. Your pet remains are fired with other animals from the slaughter houses and food remains. The byproduct is used in various industries.

How can I be sure I have my exact pet's remains?

Individual cremation is done on one by one basis. We are adhering to the strict process documentation established by the largest pet crematorium society, ensuring we cross check the documents four times throughout the procedure.

What is the difference between individual and group cremation?

With individual cremation, each pet is cremated separately thus ensuring return of the ashes to their respective owners, if they so desire. During the group cremation, we cremate a few pets simultaneously, with the  most dignified and humane care. Unfortunately, in this case we are not able to isolate the exact pet's ashes and return them to their respective owners.

How long is the cremation process?

The actual cremation time varies on the size of the animal, but lasts on average about one hour. For pet owners in the Zagreb area, the urns are available for pick up within 3-4 days. For the rest of Croatia it could take between 5-10 days depending on your location.

I would like to choose one of your specialty urns. How do I know the most appropriate size?

Post cremation process leaves about 4% of the animal weight. We encourage you to contact one of our team members to help you find the best solution for your needs.

What should i do if my pet passes away during the night or on the weekend?

Our offices are open monday through friday, 8am-4pm. For all of your questions and immediate needs please contact our 24hr telephone hotline. You will be able to arrange care and pick up of your pet's remains with one of our employees outside our regular hours.

My pet's death happened suddenly while visiting Croatia, can I retrieve and carry the pet remains over the borders?

Considering all different customs regulations we cannot guarantee that you will be able to carry your pet's remains across all the borders. We will, however, be able to provide you with a certificate with the specifics of the cremation procedures and listing Pet Memo as a licensed pet cremation service provider.